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Departments & Sections

The staff plays the main role in decision-making, control and regulate the con-duct of private business and the implementation of contracts thanks to the direct-or of projects and his aides at the sites with the special efforts of timetables and analysts.

Drawing the Financial policy of the projects in terms of disbursements and its relationship with the Fiscal of the company.

Supervising the implementation of the business.

The human resources section plays as the main management in faith separate section dedicated to this area in the near future.

The Section plays an important role in the work of preparing of the implement-station of contracts and provide all the necessary requirements in the workplace.

The department is divided into three sections

  1. Civil Works Division include various construction Works For buildings, roads and for water systems, sewage and electricity systems.

  1. Division of mechanical work includes air conditioning units and water and heavy water treatment.

  1. Electrical Works Division include works of transmission lines to pressure watt and Higher pressure towers, substations and manufacture of control panels.

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