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Contracts and Tenders Department

This department is characterized be the activity of this section in the preparation of guessing, pricing and bills of quantities and specifications. As well as in follow-up and management of the preparation of tender documents.

The aim of the introduction to those tender’s also plays a role in the follow-up to the financial exchange on the project and sustain guesswork through the cost of paragraphs of the business analyzes tables.

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Designs Department

The primary role of this section is as follows

Design and supervising the architect and coordination with specialized consultancy offices in the state of preparation of shop drawings for specific pro-jects especially in the turnkey contracting.

Evaluate the tender documents from the architectural point of engineering and other disciplines before the implementation of the direct actions or by direct pricing to reduce potential errors as much as possible through grant recommendations about it.

Places flaw detection and contradiction in the tender documents and charts its subsidiaries and write recommendations to do so.

Preparation of detailed plans (shop drawings) for projects and allocated under implementation.

Do interior design and determine the engineering standards and specifications.

Propose alternatives in the recruitment materials and methods of implementation, specification and under local facilities available from the experiences and techniques in the implementation, materials and specifications achieved the best results of qualitative and economic terms.